as you know i’m generally an anti-social person but when it comes to the internet i’m outright paranoid. i always felt that you couldn’t trust these social media people with your data – and of course it turns out you can’t.

that said why not give it a little try ourselves. here’s the deal.

everyone can still read our travel blog, no changes there. but i’ve turned on the discussions and now if you like you can leave a nice comment. or even comment on a comment.

the new member account & login allow you to do that, if you don’t want to contribute you don’t need to apply for an account. and since i’m a control freak naturally every account will be approved manually. please make sure sure your name, nick name or email address are recognisable to me, otherwise i might reject your application … apologies in advance if i get it wrong.

you can register using the ‘members’ section on the right side of the menu …

… or use the same menu on the bottom of the page. just to give you options.

register & once you received your confirmation email log in. the relevant pages are really simple and self-explanatory. ok, let’s have some fun with this!