Dear Readers,

Today we left Streaky Bay and are about to travel the big Bight. We are going to go to Bunda Cliffs in a bush camp. We stayed on the edge of the Great Australian Bight for the night and it was beautiful. Selfie!!!

On our way to our camp site we stoped at a road house called the Eagle Inn and they had two real big wedge-tailed eagles, lots of budgies and some quals. The eagles were both injured and could not go back to the wild. At our next stop, at Fraser Range, at the camp grounds there were two kelpies to help them with their cattle. They made lasagne and mum and dad had some (i ate some of the chips and desert) it was very fancy and I found some people to talk to (adults).

This morning I found six baby emus and their dad. It was really cute and I took some really good photos of them. I love the hair.

We are in Esperance now and I hope we are going to have a great time. I found some new friends and I like this place. I have been walking dogs in the park and have been playing. While in Esperance we went to the bird and animal park and I saw some cool and cute animals. 

I saw horses. The dark one is Mico and the other is Latte.

And we saw bunnies. I think they were quite fascinated by me, whenever i knelt down they came to look at me.

And I got to hold one.

We also went to the national parks and to Lucky Bay and we were lucky. (when I can I will have a silly selfie and write a post. Selfie!!!

That is a baby kangaroo who did not mind a pat.