did you know it’s just a 60km drive form albany to denmark? not the place on the north sea, obviously. confusing, right? european settlers clearly drew on well-known place names for inspiration. at least they didn’t go as far as a particular asian nation i could name that actually re-built a complete austrian village. i don’t think they paid royalties …

we couldn’t really enjoy albany as much as we hoped, without a car. it’s always annoying when mechanical failure cause problems but to be fair the car is more than 7 years and 160.000 km old so i guess some issues are to be expected. it’s all good now and if the new alternator holds up as well as the old one i’ll be happy.

the weather wasn’t great either. even the otherwise amazingly colourful western australian waterways look a bit dull in this light. we can also feel summer going and autumn moving in. the last few days kris was huddled in her sleeping bag under her blanket.

we got a free caravan wash over night! these are the times we are really glad we didn’t opt for a camper van with a canvas roof.

at least we are not going to suffer form heat stroke any time soon. apparently it’s going to rain tomorrow but we’ve got a few more days planned to enjoy denmark & surrounds and hopefully get a few great shots again.