i believe the car, the caravan and i have now attained the highest possible level of continuous improvement awareness: we no longer need to strive, plan, adjust or even communicate … improvement just happens naturally, but itself, and of course (you guessed it): continuously.

let me give you an example: yesterday i dropped the car off for a service. it’s been a long road from sydney, so that’s in order. an hour later i get a call from the manager asking me if we wanted the turbo oil drain pipe modification installed. he had me at ‘turbo’ but ‘modification’ made this completely irresistible (1).

i don’t even have to be near the car any more for it to improve all on it’s own. amazing. the same time the van has completed the absorption of the new kitchen light, which is now wired in instead of occupying a merit plug (so inelegant). the kk also speaks to me and tells me it wants a negative busbar … with m8 bolts. preferably stainless.

this is no doubt a deeper connection forged through the shared experience of traversing this incredibly rough yet beautiful country.

i think i will have to reach out to my spiritual coach richa to fully understand how we have attained this significant milestone. richa? help?

(1) what’s a turbo drain pipe mod you ask? apparently the designers of the engine (people at ford) connected the pipe that drains oil from the second turbo to the engine oil sump from there oil can move back towards the turbo and accumulate there. the mod drains the oil to the block instead, which is higher up and does not feed oil back to the turbo. this has been linked to turbo failure but mostly seems to create an unsightly smoke screen.