After we left Margret River we had a long journey to Perth. The first day there my old friend Vivi had a birthday party at the iceskating rink near her house.

It was sooo fun there because I have only skated on ice once and that was a long time ago so this was the best! The cake was nice and I got to go to their house afterwards. A few days later after my grandma came to see WA with us we went to a great aquarium and it was more than what I ever imagined a aquarium could be. We saw stingrays, sharks, fish, a few young salties, sea snakes lots, lots more! My favourite part of Aqwa was that they rescue baby turtles and they had 2 baby loggerhead turtles and 1 flat back turtle.

We also went on a boat ride with dads old colleague friend and his son. I even got to drive the boat!

A few days later we went to Rottnest island a.k.a. hell in heaven, Rottnest island is hell in heaven because the permanent residents are Quokka…

… and they look like someone did a breeding program with a rat + a wallaby. That is why it is called rottenest rott = rat and nest =  nest a.k.a ratnest, the person who named this island even said himself that they are the biggest rats he had ever seen (look on dads blog for more info). anyway it was hell in heaven because quokka are… ONE OF THE CUTEST THINGS I THE WORLD!!! selfie time.

And you can’t pat them. That is because the carry diseases and it can make us humans really sick. I was there with my friends Alex, Viv (nickname) and their parents (who I spent almost the whole time in Perth with) and my mum, dad, Oma and of course me.

We spotted about 24 quokka on the hot day we were there. A few days later it was the last day there and I got to go skating for the third and last time. After that I was allowed to stay at my friends house but we had an accident at the beach and so we went back to my place. The next day was moving day. Monday. Tell you more next week.

Fun fact: Quokka are the happiest animal on earth! Soooo cute

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