our poor sick disco is being taken care of but that means we can’t go far.

nat and i have some studying to do but of course every now and then a little break is in order. for nat that means time with her friends alex and vivi.

i still have a few changes to make to the van. we have the new batteries and i reprogrammed the charging circuit – except for one connection: the line from the car.

that requires a dc-dc charger. arguably there should have been one in the karavan to begin with, especially with the modern ‘smart’ alternators. with the new lithium batteries it is even more important to provide the correct charging voltage and current.

the dc-dc chargers are not too expensive and not complicated to install either. the one i bought, the redarc 1240, can not only control the dc current from the car but also incorporates an mppt solar controller so i could run a set of panels directly as well. cool.

a few electrical connections, all more or less plug and play. or crimp and play. i fabricated a little retainer, glued to the sidewall (i don’t like screws). it’s a tight fit; i call it efficient use of space.

ta-daa! i think i need a few centimeters of corrugated tube but that looks pretty sweet.

the only problem is: i’m running out of ideas … except …