I have seen so many animals that I have decided to try and keep count by making this animal list. Hope you like it. (This may or may not include animals I have seen in enclosures)


animalnumberwhere I have seen themshort descriptioninteraction
EmusMore than 100 seenFlinders ranges
All over SA and VIC
They are big flightless birds and are related to the cassowary. They look like big velociraptors. They can be aggressive.no
KangaroosMore than 70 seen
(not including dead)
Flinders ranges
All over SA and VIC
Like a deformed rabbit but native. Can look like bodybuilders.yes - in Lucky Bay
Echidna6 seenEctSpiky monotreme. Lays eggs but also feeds its babies (puggles) milk.yes
Dolphins More than 40 seen
(not including same ones)
Along most coastsThese animals have evolved over millions of years from a dog like creature to a majestic sea animals spending most time with friends and playing or catching fish.yes - fed one in Monkey Mia
Sea turtles
Green sea turtles
Loggerhead sea turtles
around 11 seenAlong the north-west coastThese animals have a big shell on their back and only come out of the sea to lay their eggs, then they go back into the water. The babies are independent from the moment they are born.no
Skinksmore than 20 seenThe GrampiansThey are a group of lizard that, when threatened, can drop their tail and grow a new tail.yes - saved several from being hit by cars
Bearded dragonsMore than 8 seenThe Grampians
They are a lizard with soft spikes on their body.unfortunately no
Moray eel1 seenCoral BaySnake like fish with sharp teeth and pipe nostrils.no
Cuttlefish1 seenCoral BayThey can change their shape and colour very quickly. Have one bone in body and have a beard of tenticles.almost
Parrot fishmore than 15 seenCoral BayA type of fish with beautiful colours and a parrot-like beakno
Lionfish4 or 5 seenCoral BayHave big fins looking like ripped sails. Have venomous spikes.no
Sea lions & Sealsmore than 150Port Lincoln, Memory Cove, Streaky BayBeautiful, cute and intelligent - but also a bit smelly.no
Stingrays, Eagle Rays & Manta Rays
more than 20Hamelin Bay
Coral Bay
Majestic sea flap flapsyes - patted one in Hamelin Bay
Butterfly fish4 seenCoral BaySmall flat fish with butterfly-like patterns.no
Boobook - also called Mopoke, Marbled Owl, Spotted Owl1 seenCoral BayCute little owlno
Wedgetail Eaglemore than 20 seenEverywhere on the roadMajestic birds with huge wingspanno - too dangerous
Cane toad2 seenNorthern WA and NTbig, fat, ugly toad with poisonous sponges on the side of their headyes (both cane toads killed)
Green tree frog3 seen (2 female 1 male)Norther Wa and NTbig green frogsyes
Orphan babys
kangaroos, sugar gliders...
about 6 seenkununarababy mini kangarooyes
Wallabies10 seenexmouthmini kangarooyes
Fresh water croksabout 26 seengib river roadgiant lizardno
Stick insects2 seenbirdwood station...yes
Hermit crabsmore than 50 seenwhale songcrabs in shellsyes
Black headed python2 seenzebra rock mine & caravan parksnake with black head
Sea snake
slender sea snake
1 seenBroomesea snake with small headyes