we’ve been a little preoccupied lately and have not been able to enjoy ningaloo as much as we would have wanted to.

the weather has not been perfect either. it stopped raining quickly after the post last time, it really was only wet for one night. but we had some strong winds which churned up the sea. snorkeling felt like walking in the fog.

we’ll be moving back to exmouth today, it is very difficult to book spaces in the national park. we can see there are empty spots but because the web site does not allow users to cancel bookings the park appears fully booked.

i am really proud of ourselves, though. we spent 5 nights in the park with no shore power or water. power is not an issue, particularly when we add the 100w solar blanket. and kris has been perfect at preserving water. with cooking, washing up and having showers we still got half our tanks left.

that is pretty amazing.

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    Drága Nat! Nagyon élveztük a humoros írásodat! Máskor is írjál így, de csak ha a kedved is ilyen! És nagyon érdekes és gyönyörü helyen jártál! Lacit is végig kellene vezetned ott! Sok sok puszi Tünde és Laci