maybe you have never heard of karratha and quite possibly you are unsure just about where on the map to start looking for it. there is a better chance you have a basic idea if you a/ work in mining or b/ are heavily into petroglyphs, as outlined here.

there is, however, something else to see here, too. of course the phenomenon is not solely confined to karratha; i am fairly certain it can be viewed along most of the north coast of western australia.

it is still very cool to see the blood red moon rise over the sea. we were lucky to be here just in time for a i/ full moon rising ii/ just after dark iii/ during a low tide. yep, that all is required for the perfect spectacle, called stairway to the moon. it also helps to have no cloud cover.

the tourist information is handing out little sheets like the one above indicating on which days in which month viewing is the best.

the stairway to the moon with a whisk of fog across the middle. it’s definitely worth a look … if you happen to be around just at the right time!

oh and yes, the colours really look just like that.

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