Hi how are you? Today you’ll be reading about Exmouth and Karatha and Coral Bay. Ok lets get on with it then. So, in Exmouth we got to go on a little drive in our friends’ boat and we saw a lot. We saw: lots of beautiful coral,

tropical fish (of course),

a giant school of whiting,

one or two turtle, three dolphins, our friends saw a shark, a breaching whale and a dugong. A DUGONG!!! I was surprised that I felt warm in the water but it was probably the current from the equator. I loved swimming there in the northern part ningaloo marine park which is not as densely populated with coal and therefore less dark and I started to overcome my fear of the deep (see “my exmouth” for more).

Now, it was very tragic to leave but I was happy to be informed that our next destination would be Coral Bay again. The first day in Coral Bay we went snorkelling and I did some home work but the next day was much better. We got to go on a glass bottom boat. We saw Ayer’s Rock, which is a 2000 year old cluster of coral with lots of life around it. We also went to snorkel at an area called ‘the maze’ and it really is. 

We saw: snapper,

moon wrasse (my favourite),

moon wrasse are the ones with the colourful face

parrot fish,

the black ones are female

lots of other tropical fish,

a turtle,

I took that photo!

a blue spotted sand ray,

a blue angel fish,

a giant group of barracuda youngsters

a few clams

and pipe fish,

the stick thing in the middle

and lots of pipe fish. It was incredible; I wanted to stay there all day.

Now, Karatha. Karatha is a beautiful small town with not to much but it is still nice, I mean, they had a pool and a really nice library with 3D printers. We didn’t do much but we saw amazing rock carving from the aboriginals. Well, thats all to say today and please keep tuned because we haven’t finished yet.