Now, lets pick up where we dropped off last time: Broome, the home of pearls (and I don’t mean those alien creatures that grow pearls and live with “converters” as seen in Valerian). Broome is an interesting place with lots of things to do and see like go on camel rides, see the dino footprints, see the pearls on tour or in the shops, watch a movie inside or in the open or just relax on the sand listening to the calm crashing of the waves. We did a lot of that so let me start from the beginning. On our first day in Broome we watched a movie in the outdoor cinema

We watched the movie ‘Incredibles II’ and it was amazing and hilarious. I can’t tell you everything but I can tell you this; it is a great movie and you should watch it with friends (also good for adults). The next day we went to Cable beach and saw the sand sculpture contest on Cable Beach.

Unfortunately I forgot about the contest and couldn’t join the fun, even thought it was also for kids. While I couldn’t make a winning sculpture I made a whale shark for fun and I hope you like it too.

After a good night sleep we went to see the dino foot prints.

We couldn’t see many but the ones we saw were amazing. The one thing you need to know is that some locals walking their dog showed us where they were because they are really hard to find unless you know what to look for. On our way back dad showed me a sea snake that was stranded on the beach. I felt so sorry for it that I found two sticks, one with a fork and a straight one, picked up the sea snake and brought it back to the water.

I was so happy to see my first sea snake and to give a better chance of survival.

The next day at eight o’clock in the morning we boarded a boat which would take us to see the cutest and most interesting dolphin I have ever seen… the snub fin dolphin.

I know it’s a funny name but they really are cute and very interesting. They are the size of a vaquita (see my Exmouth for more) and look like a porpoise because this dolphin doesn’t have a beak like a dolphin but has a rounded forehead and a short snout instead.

The snub fin is a unique dolphin and is very slow compared to a bottle nose dolphin. Because of this low speed they have different methods of catching fish and they rely on murky water to stalk their prey. One of their favourite methods for catching fish is called spit fishing. Spit fishing is done by sneaking up on a fish, scaring them and when they try to swim away the dolphin spits water to scare the fish back into the hungry mouth of the snub fin. Early the next morning we started to pack our thing and head off to the Dampier peninsula. The first place we went to was Middle Lagoon which was an interesting place. After one night at Middle Lagoon we went to another camp called Whalesong. Our camp site has a beautiful view of the sea with nice shade.

I found some really nice friends to play with too. While I was there I made some candles after having the idea in broom, I even sold some.

The beach is beautiful and full of shells and hermit crabs. When we went with our friends to the beach we found tonnes of shells an collected hermit crabs (which of course we released later).

one on the left is Jerry
one on the right is Nipper

plus mum and dad found a turtle skeleton, cool yet sad.

The last night at whale song I got to make a fire and I really enjoyed it.

When we came back to Broom from whale song we settled in again to the camp ground and planned to go to see the dino footprints, but not the round boring ones we are going to see the so-called “giant emu” foot prints (theropods).

They were amazing and they were quite small, only about 20cm long from back to front. When we were looking for footprints I found a lot of fishing line but couldn’t get it out. On our way back we noticed there was a osprey nest with chicks! noisy ones.

 The next day I came prepared, I had my pocket knife and I had sandels instead of thongs (WARNING! I you go to the light house in broom to see the footprints take closed shoes not thongs). Unfortunately the rocks were much slipperier than last time so I slipped on one. I got a lot of fishing line out and I was proud of it. In the after noon I was really exited because I got to do an camel ride. I got to ride on the front camel called Gobi and he was very sweet.

Silly selfi!!!

I really enjoyed it. On the day of our leave we went to a very small market and I got a fresh doughnut out of this machine.


Till next time, bye.



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  1. Drága Nat, nagyon élvezzük a beszámolóidat, köszönjük szépen! Az a whale shark biztosan nyert volna díjat, ha indulsz a versenyen! Én mindenesetre elkaptam a kezemet, nehogy a képernyőn keresztül bekapja!
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