tomorrow we’ll start our trip along the infamous gibb river road. 700 kms of dirt road through the outest of outbacks with river crossings and corrugations deep enough to swallow a car and trailer. or so they say.

worst of all, however, and this is no joke: there is no mobile coverage and no internet. let me repeat that: no mobile or internet along the entire gibb! kris and i, having been born before the internet age, may be able to survive (just), but we have grave concerns for our pre-teen daughter.

i’m unsure how long one can play ‘i spy’ when the option are limited to dust, rocks and boab trees, but i suspect we’ll be testing the limits.

we expect to pop out the other end around the second week of august, but until then you won’t hear from us. please keep all your fingers and toes crossed.

One thought on “radio silence.”

  1. We keep our fingers crossed that car, trailer and of course the 3 of you re-emerge safely and sound on the other and of the road. Luckily it‘s impossible to starve from internet-deprivation but it will be a challenge. We deeply feel with you 😉 Take good care!

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