four flat tyres in six days! ok, the first one was my fault: i was running the tyres with too low pressure. the result was a stake through the sidewall and a written-off tyre.

then, still on the gibb, and with significantly more tyre pressure another rock punched through the thread. the hole was big enough to make that a write-off, too.  so when we rolled into kununurra we knew we were up for 2 new tyres. or so we thought.

another trip to the zebra rock mine – about 20 km off-road there and back – ended up with another hole, this time a smaller one. but that was just a really short excursion and hardly a rough road!

and then yesterday, as we drove out to see the aboriginal rock paintings near wyndham we ended up with another slow leak on a similarly short and fairly well graded outback road. it was easy enough to fix but that was enough for us.

today we replaced the leak-prone cooper zeons with maxxis 980s. no predictions at this point, but we keep our fingers crossed that these will hold up better. they certainly look tougher; let’s hope looks are not deceiving.

3 thoughts on “new shoes.”

  1. you mean: three time’s a charm? 🙂 nicht in diesem fall. wir hoffen dass das pech auch in dreier-gruppen kommt und wir da jetzt durch sind …

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