Our next stop was at the Imintji community roadhouse. At our camp mum and dad brought the hammock out and I enjoyed lazing in it.

On our way to Iminji I enjoy listening to podcasts because you can’t really do anything else (if you and your kids are interested in what podcast I listen to I will have a list at the end).

At Iminji the camp ground wasn’t too bad and there was even a beautiful black cat with green eyes there which I named Sooty. I thought Sooty was a really sweet and very social with all the people in the camp, probably because she liked getting food and pats though.

Every morning when we woke up we saw rainbow bee eaters which are very sweet, small birds.

After a nice sleep we went to Bell Gorge. Bell Gorge was a really nice cool place with a short walk in.

I thought Bell Gorge was a really fun little pool of water with goannas, frogs and warm waterfalls but the water was dark and deep in some places.

Mt Barnett was our next stop. The campground we stayed at wasn’t the most impressive but the gorge and river were amazing. The day we got there mum dragged me to the river, where I made some friends.

There was a boat at the creek to ferry people who didn’t want to swim across and my friends and I made up a free boat tour: “the tinny boat tours.” I enjoyed being the “tour guide” there while the boys pulled me and the hikers from one side to the other.

The next day at Mt Barnett me, mum and dad walked all the way to the gorge which was, might I add, amazing. The walk was long and hot even in the morning but it was well worth every bit of it. The water was cold but it was nice to swimming and there were levelled jumps.

I did one. There was even a small freshie (a fresh water crocodile) in the water on the other side of the pool. I really enjoyed the place where we stayed and every afternoon I would go out and help people on their way back from the walk on the boat like I said earlier.

Unfortunately we had to leave the next day to got to our next stop; Ellenbrae Station. At Ellenbrae Station the first thing we did was get fresh scones with strawberry jam and cream. The scones were amazingly delicious. After pitching up the tent and getting everything sorted we went a a short walk to the river to cool off. At the river I met some really nice new friend while I was making holes in the bank and making sand balls. A little while later mum and dad left me with my new friends and than we left too. At their caravan I showed them how to do a type of plait and they showed me how to crack a whip.

That night they invited me to join them at their fire and a nice man threw in a packet of something that makes the fire go blue, turquoise and purple. The next day before leaving me and my friends went to the other part of the creek just a little drive from the camp ground. I really enjoyed that part of the creek and dug holes again.

Home Vally station was our final stop on the Gibb. They had 1 horse, 1 donkey and a cow. After meeting my new friends on the last station I really wanted my own whip but they didn’t have one. One night I was looking for frogs and I found a … cane toad. (look at the end for more info on these aliens and their invasion tactics). When I saw the cane toad I didn’t know what to do so I got a stick but I couldn’t’t kill it. I told dad and he said to get a plastic bag and kill it in that so I did. Victory!!! Unfortunately I was very sad about it afterwards because it’s still an animal. Kununurra is our next stop and my next post. Stay tuned.


Now, for all of you who don’t know: cane toads were brought to Australia to eat the cane bugs which ate the cane plants. Like all of these scenario the cane toad escaped and are now spreading through Australia. Cane toads are the only toad in Australia. They have poison glands and kill many native animals that eat them.

Podcasts for kids and pre teens:

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