Darwin, the city of the top end. We stayed there for a week in Free Spirit caravan park and I liked it there, it wasn’t bad. Now, this is going to be an interesting post because I will be doing it day by day. So lets get started.

Day One: The first day we got there we didn’t do much. We just shopped and that kinda thing.

Day two: Our friends had to bring their car into service so me mum and out friends went to the Crocodylus park. It was so cool and this time I could enjoy it with a friend. We saw tigers, lions, ostrich,

tamars, marmets, meerkats,

dingo, horses, emu, other birds,

reptiles and lots of crocs.

The first thing we did was run to the marmets, tamars and other monkeys to watch them being fed. Next thing we did was have a little look around to see the other animals and I fed a young tortoise …

(PS: some of the animal’s photos are used in the list). Than we went to hold some animals. Me and my friend both held the corn snake

and cuddles

(I’ve heard worse names for a croc and I will have more info on corn snakes). After that we walked over to the breeding pens to see the crocs being fed.

Later, after a rest, we went on a boat cruse to see some more the crocs they had. All the crocs there were in the man made river system and they were all cosily swimming in their own territory. The lady driving the boat fed a couple and gave them some jumping exercise. Later that afternoon after going back to camp I went for a nice swim to end the day. Corn snake info: they are originally from America. Tortoise are not native to Australia either. Unfortunately in Australia you need a license to get animals from overseas but it is only available to zoos and not just as a pet 😢.

Day three: Wasn’t that fun either because now our car was in service so all we did was learn and go shopping.

Day four: We left for Darwin city. First we went to see a few art galleries with lots of beautiful paintings. On our way to a great water park we stoped because I wanted some ice-cream and I ate the best lemon sorbet ever …

(apparently it had 1 kg of fruit in a 5 l box). After that we went to the wave park which was really nice. I absolutely loved it. It was so fun and I even tried to stand up on my ring.

After about two hours there we went to the sunset markets though I mainly liked the animal stand, were you could hold four animals to take selfies with. They had snakes,

Jungle python

turtles, Larry Potter the blue-tongue

Larry Potter the bluetongue

and lots of birds.

Well, good night and see you tomorrow.

Day five: Good morning, welcome to day five. We didn’t do much again but we did go on a really high, really long and really cool waterslide. I went so many times that my legs hurt by the end of it. And it was all free.

Day six: In the morning after some nice breakfast me and mum went to Howard springs for a small ranger talk. In the lake there were; lots of big barramundi, yellow-faced turtles,

a file snake (a type of water snake),

a goanna

and lots of shrimps.

After the lady talked a bit about the lake and the barras all the kids (including me) fed some of the barras, the goanna or the turtles. I really enjoyed it and afterwards I took a very small dip in one of the springs. In the afternoon there wasn’t much to do until a lady who was cleaning one of the houses near us call out “SNAKE, SNAKE!!!” I was pretty excited to hear those words so I went on over to see. It was a cute baby children python and it was stuck in the door frame trying to get into the wall. The cleaning lady called another member of the park to get it out so slowly he did. At the head the man had to bend the wall back but it was worth it. Afterwards I got to pat it and the man released the baby into the wild.

Day seven: The last and probably the best day in Darwin. We first left to get my brand new shoes (which I lost the next day 😢 ) but afterwards me and mum went to Crocodylus cove. The first place we went to was the reptile talk (more like snake feed).

this is a woma python

I liked it but new too much so the keeper called me boring. Here is one question I didn’t know the answer of; how many teeth dose a python have. Please take a guess in the comments below and I will tell you soon (but only if there are at least two guesses). After that the man’s colleague brought out a stymsons python

and a blue tongue lizard.

The next stop were the reptiles. Here is something to laugh at; there were two of the worlds most venomous snake and their names were Marshmallow and Powerpuff. I also talked to a young girl (about 18,19,20) who worked there. She was really nice and let me hold the very rare black blue-tongue lizard

It is called a hyper melanistic blue tongue lizard

with cute orange dots on his belly

(she said it was usually for the VIP’s). The croc talks were next. Me and my new friend got to push the button on a cool robotic croc head that showed the bite force of a saltie (Ps: if you look closely you can see the crushed ice in the crocs mouth).

After watching the big crocs being fed I got to feed one of the 101 croc dalmatian puppies. It was pretty fun but I wasn’t paying attention so the crock took advantage of that and took the food. Next place we went to was the giant fish tank with lots of fish like: big barra, eel-tailed catfish, whip rays and archer fish. When one of the barras was buffing the food actually flew onto the stairs metres away and I had to pick it up and throw it back into the water. Later on I held another python

and a cute bearded dragon.

After sadly saying good bye to the dragon I fed the crocs again and then went to the markets again (Ps: the photo of me feeding the crock is the featured image ). After being dropped off at the market by a taxi, me and mum got something to eat and than waited for dad. While waiting we watched a funny street performer doing cool stunts. I also talked mum into letting me help the animals stall (the place were I held Larry potter). I really enjoyed letting people pat the animal I was holding and I even persuaded some people to pat the snake.

I hope you liked this diary version of my blog and until next time, bye.

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