niki, nat’s cousin in austria, started this school year in a new school. so far so good.

however, it appears that some of his school mates don’t believe he has a cousin in australia. we understand: a cousin in australia is unbelievably cool, and very few people are that lucky. niki is clearly one of those lucky few!

so we’ve made a short film so everyone can see for themselves. sit back and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “proof.”

  1. Hey Natalie,
    this is a real cool video!
    Your cousin will hopefully be happy to get it
    Katrin – I worked with your dad in Germany

  2. Nagyon nagyon elvezzuk a videot, Nat aranyos, es a szerkeszto meg az operator is kivalo! Csak az a baj, hogy amiota az update megvan (brrrr…, az a kigyo az inge alol!), eltunt a blogbol, csak a kommentbol tudta Laci elovarazsolni!

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