After saying goodbye to Cairns and the best caravan park so far, we left to go to the Daintree. The scenery was beautiful and the ferry ride …

was fun but the road was pretty long. Later on we arrived at our caravan park in the middle of the rain forest. The next day we went to the Daintree Discovery Centre and I loved it. It was fun, interesting and very educational. After the board walk including real working life sized dino models, while mum and dad were having a coffee, I got to hold a lovely snake called Tora.

She is a beautiful jungle carpet python

If you have seen the new updated version of “Proof” you will notice at the very end of it I look a bit uncomfortable but thats because when I wasn’t paying attention Tora slithered into my shirt which was always a no-go with snakes. For all of you who don’t know, I love snakes and I don’t mind if they go in my face of my neck or my hat but the shirt has always been one of those spots which are just off limits. But don’t worry I have no snake bites and the snake got out through my collar eventually and afterwards we went home. A little later on at the caravan park I heard the word “cassowary” and that is what I saw… but not just one cassowary but Thornton and his stripy baby.

Thornton is one of four resident cassowaries that are usual visitors to the caravan park. The next day was world cassowary day (if you were wondering, the date is the 26/9). I did a fun answer hunt …

found one

on the cassowary walk behind the caravan park before seeing a really cool show about some of the animals that the caravan park owns. First up was Doris the croc.

at the show Doris was al warmed up and really feisty plus like all crocs she was really sneaky and smart.

Before I tell you the story of Doris I just wanted to say that first she was believed to be a boy, Boris, thus the name but then she was really happy of her new home and she laid some eggs at Lynk Haven (the caravan park). Now to the story: Boris was once illegally kept in a pet shop and after “he” outgrew “his” tank the pet shop owner threw “him” into an old bathtub with no proper lighting, no proper food and a terrible water source. After around seven years the man was arrested and he left the poor silly croc behind. The people at Link Haven caravan park were generous and accepted “him” in. Now Doris has a luxury home and great food (like feral pigs) with lots of space to move around in. The next part of the show was about two beautiful pure blood dingos.

The problem with dingos out in the wild is that they sometimes interbreed with domestic dogs and that leads to the babies that are then classified as wild dogs which is a problem because there is also the accusation that dingos kill sheep. Well, they do but the dingos only take the sick and injured sheep so technically they are helping farmers. The real culprits in this mystery are the feral and domestic dogs. They go into paddocks and kill sheep after sheep after sheep like they were game animals. The proof for this can be found in video cameras that were set up by a dingo protection group that act like a dingo lawyer to see who the real killers were. They found that most of the dogs killing “fur” fun actually had collars on!!! Da da daaaaaaaaa. After the dingos we headed to the kangaroo enclosure where we got to go in and feed the cute agile wallabies that I have written about before and the swamp wallaby.

Later on, again, we went to the Daintree Discovery Centre again and I got a cassowary face painting for WCD.

The next day we did some board walks …

and I even got to go into a really cold swimming hole which was croc free (fortunately). After that fun time in the Daintree we went to Cooktown. Cooktown was a nice small town name after the famous explorer Captain Cook. We first went to the Cook museum and I did a treasure hunt. I won a postcard which I think wasn’t too bad. We also went to a Grouper feeding. They there wild but didn’t mind free food and the fish involved in the show was huge. In the afternoon we went to a beautiful hill top and the view of Endeavour River was beautiful. For dinner we had what mum called the best fish and chips ever and I loved it too.

Fun Fact! Even reptiles lay their eggs every year similar to what chickens do but reptiles lay their eggs even if they are not fertilised.

Until next time, Nat