After leaving Cooktown and a couple of days on the road we arrived back in Atherton Tabletops, this time in a place called Malanda. The caravan park we stayed at was a lovely place with animals in the middle of the grounds that you could hand feed. I especially loved the baby sheep

but there was also a cute little calf called Molly.

The next day we decided to look for tree kangaroos so we went to the info centre to ask where we were most likely to see them. Well, they said, these kangaroos are wild, of course, and they can be in a lot of different places at different times – keeping your fingers crossed was really the best strategy. Since they weren’t a lot of help we decided to find them ourselves and we started at the tea house. I am happy mum and dad made that decision because we found a sweet little roo curled up in a tree and after having a scone with jam and waiting a bit the little roo started moving around

and acting a little like a child.

After all that we left to Townsville. Townsville was a nice place with fun things to do. Our second day there I got to play laser tag in my caravan park and I loved it. The Barra fun park was really cool, too, because I caught my first few barramundi

in lakes (the lakes were very small and obviously man made but there were a lot of barra so I knew I would get one eventually and that motivated me to keep fishing) and I did a non-official /easy total wipe out obstacle course” plus there were water bikes.


We also went to two animal parks: one was the billabong sanctuary and the other was the aquarium. I loved the billabong sanctuary and I thought it was well laid out. They had a huge number of turtles and whistling ducks and there were so many, that you could hardly count. Other than the turtles

and whistling ducks there were: wombats,




ouch! that’s his name.




to this




and birds like the tawny frog mouth (the photo is the feture image), red-tailed black cockatoo

and the rainbow lorikeet.


The other animal place I dragged mum to was the Reef HQ aquarium. It has the largest collection of live coral in an aquarium, basically the only indoor coral reef exhibit in the world with waves and all kinds of fish.

I loved the aquarium, they had amazing talks and the people doing those talks were really nice. They had sharks, fish, snake and a turtle hospital. The hospital had three patients: Nemo

(who was taken from a flooded nest to be studied but is now expected on being released), a twenty or so year old turtle with lots of barnacles and algae

(they are trying to get rid of the barnacles by putting him into half fresh and half salt water, and yes, turtles can stand a bit of fresh water), and lastly there was a forty or so female turtle with floating syndrome,

 which means she most-likely has plastic in her stomach. These three beautiful turtles were making me a bit sad but I am good, and talking about emotion there is a myth that when a turtle lays her eggs she cries for joy but… it looks like she is crying but she is just excreting the left over salt from her eyes which make her look like she is crying.

At the aquarium I made a really good friend (if you’re reading this Izzy: hi!) called Isabella and we had an ice cream later on. Mum and I also went to the Museum of Tropical QLD to see the rEvolution of Dinos.

As you can see it is all about the thought, theories and facts that scientist found of Dinos having feathers. Mum and I found it really interesting and I absolutely loved the art of feathered Dinos. Well, thats all I can tell you for one week but coming up next time is “my dino trail” so until next time, Bye.