As promised below the list of all the famous people who signed my helmet at the Thredbo Cannonball Festival.

Luca Shaw – World Cup Downhill racer and part of the Santa Cruz Syndicate team. The up and coming hero in the Syndicate team.

Loris Vergier – World Cup Downhill racer and part of the Santa Cruz Syndicate team. He has won 2 Junior WC titles, a Junior World Championship, a Pro World Cup race and he thinks the croissants in Thredbo are better than the ones in France (I asked him!!!).

Greg Minnaar – 3 times Downhill World Champion and rider with the most DW WC wins (22!). Definitely DH royalty. Has been riding a Santa Cruz for like forever.

Steve Peat – Retired and the Sydnicate’s elder statesman (sort of). Nevertheless three WC championships and a World Champion title isn’t to be sneezed at.

Rae(wyn) Morrison – EWS racer from New Zealand. Good to see a girl from the neighbour island mixing it up with the French racers.

Josh Carlson – EWS racer from Wollongong just south of Sydney and a really nice guy. He already scored a few EWS podiums which makes him almost as legendary as Sam Hill.

Yoann Barelli – EWS racer from France and really funny character (check his ‘riding with only a handlebar’ video!). Of course he’s fast, too, and he rides a Commencal.

Brook MacDonald (the Bulldog) – Downhill racer from New Zealand. They say rocks and trees move out of the way when he drops in.

Troy Brosnan – Downhill racer from Down Under. He won the Cannonball Downhill race in Thredbo four times in a row and he is currently the fastest Downhill rider in Australia.

Tracey Hannah – Downhill racer from Cairns. She won the Cannonball DH race in 2018 and is tough as nails! She has even been called ‘insane’ by her colleague Casey Brown for finishing a race with a suspected broken collarbone after a crash – she ended up in fifth place!

Sian A’hearn – Downhill racer from Canberra. Know as the “Queen of the Mountain” for being the fastest female across all disciplines during the Cannonball festival last year.

Tegan Molloy – Downhill racer from Australia. Downhill Junior World Champ and she might hopefully be my Gravity Girls coach in Thredbo one day.

Kyle Strait – Rampage racer from USA. He has won the RB Rampage twice and you must be crazy to even compete. Click this link to see what I mean: Red Bull Rampage.

Rachel Strait – EWS racer from California and Kyle Strait’s wife. She is really nice.

Cindy Commencal – She is the daughter of Max Commencal who is the designer of the Commencal bike. That was the brand of my first proper bike and it is now at a nice home and is being loved.