these modern enduro bikes sure have a lot of things that require hydraulic and / or pneumatic assistance. sure, the shock and the fork are the main components, take the most and the biggest hits and therefore also deserve most of the attention, but there is another thing that greatly helps descend safely: the dropper post.

once you got used to being able to move the seat out of the way when you want to take things up a notch on the way down there is no way back to fixed posts. one of my previous posts used to do that to me: it got stuck in the ‘up’ position and that’s really uncomfortable, let me tell you. so the reverb clearly deserved a bit of love.

thank god for the internet: the kind people from sram have released all the service manuals plus there is a rather knowledgable german technician who calmly explains how to service shocks, forks and seat posts. handy. i really don’t know how we did these things before internet videos and search engines.

i also got the service kit (this one annoyingly didn’t contain a new internal floating piston) and all the fluid and importantly the right grease.

and then of course the most important fastener, the main seal head, didn’t want to open … threadlock. i am sure kris didn’t mind i put it in the freezer. i did give it a good clean with isopropyl alcohol before i put it there. the trick did work and the rest was really not too bad.

these guide blocks needed replacing, the post had developed a bit too much play for my taste. it’s nice and tight again now.

this should now be out of the way for another 200 hours. plus now i know how the thing looks on the inside and what has been done to it. peace of mind.