they must come to an end: like this year’s racing season. today nat participated in the last club race fo the season, the fifth downhill race. paul, the trail builder, had come up with another surprise: he connected the downhill track to the bottom part of the enduro trail via a little drop across a berm.

the trails were pretty loose and blown out. i only rode the track once; i had offered to help again. nat really enjoys taking things into her own hands, and as usual she hooked up with her friend kat and her mountain bike fairy god mother brigitte.

this time nat was not alone on the podium, she shared it with charlie. she should still have won the club gravity enduro and the downhill championship. pretty good going all year long.

we’ll find out in two weeks.

and a shout out to the best photographer of all, sam. the ones above are not his though, they are way better. we’ll update the post when his come through.