compared to the sheer horror of most other northern beaches trails (mt narra and bahai being on the more moderate end of the scale, it gets dicier from there) manly dam is really an easy and pleasant ride.

that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to up the ante a bit here and there, so to speak. there are always little lines that can make it more interesting in a sometimes dangerous way, like the a line through the 19th hole.

nat is starting to get really good at riding up on and over steep rocks. the video above does not really do the section justice; the run up there is pretty steep already and the push up the last rock is something many people struggle with. getting up there is a pretty good achievement.

this is a smaller step but the run up is short and it’s important to coordinate a short pull on the bars with a push on the pedals. not super difficult but it’s worth making this movement natural and easy. next we’ll try a night ride – summer is night ride time!