nat and i have been at the dirt jumps for a little while now, and i feel i have the first three jumps (aka the small ones) down pat. when i say ‘small’ they are actually not really small but it’s kind of not quite as intimidating when you don’t have to look up to see the lip.

time to try my hand at the bigger stuff then. the board really helped, more for psychological reasons. i did clear the gap every time except on the first try. dialling in the speed is a bit tricky. the last try was the best, landed that exactly on the lander without a case. the one in the video didn’t go perfectly but not too bad considering.

we’ll build on that.

update: so we’re building on that. i’m now doing #4 without the board and starting work on #5.

it’s a bit sketchy still. i know need to improve the landing on 4 to carry speed into 5 ….