i loved my 250f. it was small, light and not too aggressive, just what an older, fat & unfit gentleman like myself needs. unfortunately as it turned out somebody else loved it as well, so much so that that somebody decided to relieve me of the ownership of the 250f. i hope it broke his arms and legs.

at the time i wanted to focus on being a great dad and spend as much time as possible with my little daughter. predictably, however, the dirt bike virus reared its ugly head again – you can suppress it for a while but there is no cure. and so i started to think about whether it is possible to be a good dad and ride dirt bikes.

of course there is only one way to find out.

then the guys at ktm developed the new 350f. weight of a 250 and performance of a 450? sounds good, right?

this bike was unbelievable. it is indeed as light as the 250, and has the same excellent traction. but on top of that it has a lot more grunt and allows me to use torque rather than revs (it revvs up to 12.000). it’s not as fussed about which gear you are in, and you can feather the clutch if you want, but it’s normally not necessary.

after years of orange – in your face! – bikes i wanted a slightly different colour and this one got the finland six days livery. ktm trangely did not actually import this six days model to australia. i think she looks nice in white, orange & blue.

and the suspension is better, too, mainly the front. the 250 was a bit harsh, and wore my arms out really quickly, the 350 is easier to control and has a more planted feel.

almost like cheating.