this is how a 12 year old mille gets transformed into a … 12 year old sort of rsv r.

last time it was mostly about getting rid of the old ‘standard’ parts, the showa forks (sorry christoph), the sachs shock and the cast alloy wheels. unfortunately replacing the ohlins forks also means replacing the entire triple set.


there were two reasons it took a little time before i could put it all back together again: one of the lower bushes on the new shock was corroded so i decided to replace the parts. too hard to get to them once it is all together.


and while i had the belly pan off i gave the engine a bit of a wipe down. then i had the tyres swapped over to the new rims. hm, forged. and silver, just like the bike. they go really well with the gold of the ohlins parts.

i made a few other changes as well, like changing the rear hangers with footpegs to carbon fibre parts. i doubt i’ll be carrying passengers any time soon.

the bike came together pretty quickly after that.


a few more little tweaks to ensure forks and shocks are all set up correctly and that’s it.¬†one silver rsvr. minus a few carbon fibre bits but plus the titanium akra race cans.

ready for a test ride.