i made a few more smaller changes during the week. and took a few better photos.

i finally (after two months or so) got the new carbon kevlar bash guard. the one that came with the bike is not bad but does not protect the sides (clutch cover and stator cover) as well as i would like it to, and it is prone to falling off in the bush.


so before this happens i got myself a cool orange bash plate to protect the engine.

i also changed the offset on the triple clamps. when i rode the bike last time i felt that the front was pushing a bit more than i liked it to. in all fairness that may well be due to the additional weight but i thought i’d try to change the fork offset from 22mm to 19mm. the bike comes with 20mm offset and apparently shorter equals more stable so i am hoping for an improvement.


i also disassembled the lights, cleaned them and put them back together with thread lock (loctite 243). let’s hope they don’t come apart. i sourced an original 4 spade connector so i can now swap the original headlight with the rally lights without making any changes to the electrics.


i still have to take out the axle through the swingarm and the engine and lube it carefully. these parts can sometimes be a bit dry from factory and it’s not a big job but can save a lot of grief and money down the track. i might try and see if i can squeeze a bit more grease into the heim joint as well.


i am still working on the electrics. i have changed some of the connectors to waterproof screw type ones and wrapped the cables in sheath. hopefully i won’t have any issues with chafing. i will also change the fuel lines to steel braided lines just to be on the save side and add another fuel filter. i don’t need blocked injectors in the desert.

i am still planning to make a new carrier plate for the roadbook and the odo, but really don’t like the thought of having to build the tool for it. i’ll see if i can resurrect the brake i built last year and maybe modify it so i can bend the sheet both ways. that will actually be the last big job to get the bike ready.

and today i spent a few hours installing the michelin desert race tyres with the bib mousse on the second set of rims. the poor things got scratched immediately … that really hurt. but at least the tyres are on and i really want to try them out in the sand next weekend to see how they work.


a cool looking bike, don’t you think? i will probably wrap the tanks in white vinyl – i like the idea of a white bike with an orange frame.


i also installed the rally (foam) grips; i hope that together with the more comfortable seat i won’t hate my bike after 7 days in the saddle.

2 more months …