you remember when i got myself the sexy black suspenders for under my enduro pants? how i said that the next step would be high heeled boots? well, girls, the wait is over. here they are:


it does not get much sexier than this. alpinestars tech 10 boots.
in white, with just the right amount of dirt.


ok, they are not stilettos, but i am sure i understand what the italian designers had in mind. probably not my legs, though.

but it gets better still: with the incredible white high-heeled motox pumps you get this really cool set of black ballerinas. imagine.


a picture of grace, are they not?


sure to break any guy’s heart.

so what’s my excuse?
i guess it would be that the tech 10 are pretty much the pinacle of motox boot development, and a lot lighter and more comfortable than my old boots. they did not even take a day to break in! the inner bootie (!) offers extra comfort and protection.

and white … because they have extra ventilation. cooler feet & less odour (i guess). a lot of advantages.

and very sexy.