you might have noticed that some of the pics kris recently shot look … odd. out of proportion. somewhat distorted.

all the fault of this thing:

cyclops 1

kris’ new (new) toy is a sigma 12-24mm wide angle zoom lens. a huge thing by all standards, although i did cheat a little in the picture above. the next one is less dramatic, but still quite impressive i think.

cyclops 2

yep. quite a bit of kit.

and this is how cyclops sees the world. a whole house in one single shot!

cyclops 3

no, the reason is not that you are drunk (unless you are), or that hundertwasser was let loose in bad camberg, it’s all cyclops’ doing.

cyclops 4

i guess we’ll need to practise a bit, and use the 12mm sparingly, don’t you think? could lead to serious damage to the eye of the beholder.