a little at a time: you got to adjust to the feeling. at first it is a bit scary, but the bike goes through the rev range so quickly you hardly notice. wind protection is very good, at least compared to the yamaha i rode at a similar speed; you don’t need to crouch into the windshield, just lay down a little more than usual. the bike becomes very stable, kind of reluctant to turn in, but of course turning is not something you do rapidly at these speeds.

two more comments: my new helmet , the arai rx-7, is simply great. does not move an inch on my head no matter what the speed, and little head movements don’t result in the wind trying to tear your head off. plus i had no problem with the rain (water getting inside the helmet) on the way back. secondly, german highways are far from being smooth. i usually only get that kind of bumpy rides on enduro tracks. 😉

234 is not the end of the story, though: i did not hit the rev limiter, and that had nothing to do with the engine, but all with … guts. i’d still like to see where it ends, with the shorter transmission (16-tooth front sprocket instead of 17) i guess it’s going to hit the limiter at about 260. but that is something to do with the leathers (instead of the gore-tex pyjamas) and without a notebook on my back. 😉


so 234 is the highest speed recorded during that trip. not bad.

but we should be able to do better.