slowly but surely my nomad is reaching it’s full potential, at least from a build perspective (let’s not talk about the nut behind the bars). this is the final step, it can’t be escalated any further.

as an early birthday present i – or rather the nomad – got a new set of legs. a set of m70 carbon wheels; 70 standing for 70% downhill and 30% uphill. they are not too wide at about 32mm but a great fit with the new set of shoes, minion dh tyres.

i thought i had a pretty good set of wheels with the syntace w35, but the enves just blow them out of the water. the bike seems completely transformed and where i was previously struggling to get it moving it now seems to accelerate all on its own. the result: personal best up & down mount narra.

although it might be the combination of more changes to the suspension (more air pressure in the front, less in the rear, a few tweaks with the clickers) and the new tyres.

this has to be one of the best additions to the bike. it is probably also one of the last.

unless … the new generation of steel sprung shocks look promising …