so here we go again, this time in green valleys mountain bike park. round 5 of 7 and i am fully committed.

it’s a very cool place, honestly. gv mtb is private property and it is amazing to see what great work the guys have done with one hillside and not that much in terms of elevation (about 200m).

we only had two runs today, both were really good and flowy, nothing difficult or threatening. a few of the berms were a bit more powdery than usual and had to be treated with a bit of caution. overall it was a lot of fun and i wish we’d had more runs, i really enjoyed the trails.

i am not sure but it is very likely i came second last again. which would mean my poor mate al came last, he had a stack on the second run and with the short race it is impossible to recover. we should get the results later today or tomorrow.

ps: actually i came fourth! not bad at all, lost 20 sec to third place, which is not a lot, particularly given that i’d never ridden this track before. so i’ll have the get at least 10 seconds faster per run. let’s see what we can do. two months to the next race.