you know what our new home on wheels looks like from the outside.

not much bigger than the 4wd; so how does this small shell house a queen size bed, a bunk bed, a large table with a bench that seats 3, a kitchen with fridge, sink & ceramic cooktop and bathroom with a toilet?

it pops up and pushes out. with the push of a button the van’s height doubles and then the bed pushes out. it’s pretty amazing how much room there is after that.

this is the other side with the kitchen & ‘bathroom’. ok, that might be a bot of a stretch. ours does actually also not have a shower and we are still considering whether or not to retrofit one.

as you can see the shower bowel is pretty much completely occupied by the toilet. we are unsure how one could have a shower without turning the rest of the van into a pool. we are also unsure if we need it at all given the fact that there is an outdoor shower as well. we’ll see.

we have an outdoor kitchen, too, with a 2 burner stove and a sink. plus heaps of space for the pots, pans, herbs, condiments, etc.

we can’t wait to try it out.