so far our dear discovery a.k.a. snowflake has led a charmed life. all she had to do was ferry one (other) little princess and her mum to school and back. not a particularly difficult task for a car that is supposed to be a tough as nails off road warrior. she did do a little real work and – fair enough – towed thorny back from adelaide.

but now she’ll drive something like 20.000 km all around australia, towing a 2 ton karavan (yes i am using the k on purpose) and of course wherever avoid black top. so it’s time to toughen up, right? become the 4wd she was meant to be. time to change.

part one of the makeover was a small superficial change, a nose job of sorts. the job of the snokel is not to turn our car into a submarine but to ensure the air it breaths is as cool and clean as possible, especially on the rougher red dirt stretches.

the other change is under the hood: a larger cooler for the gearbox oil. the box will have to work harder with the kk in tow and this change should keep the oil cooler while also adding a little bit of fluid.