most of the time things are more complicated than they really should be but then there are those instances when things can go the other way. take this one for example, the hepvo valve.

since there is no room in the van for a proper syphon one either deals with the smell coming back from the grey water tank or install one of those. they have a cool self-closing hose inside.

since i could not find it at any of my usual places i ordered one online. 32mm should be plenty given the hoses are all 25mm. except that when i started looking for a way to connect the 25mm barb to a 32mm screw the gentleman at the shop informed me that nobody makes 32mm hoses any more. lucky for me he still had about 30cm of 32mm hose lying around and graciously gave me 4cm of it. that then went into a 32 outer to 40 inner converter that would go into a 40 flat to screw into which i could screw a 40 screw to 25 screw reducer and finally the 25 barb. on the other side it was a ‘simple’ case of a 40 screw to 25 screw reducer and a 25 barb.

except when i looked at it some more i could actually fit (and glue) the 25mm barb directly into the 32mm pipe … so much simpler!

that looks acceptable now. should go on without a hitch … like always.