i’ve finally done it. that last tank was a real challenge, due to the fact that it cannot be removed form the karavan. that left me with a lot of bad choices and the only thing left to do was trying not to make the wrong one.

i searched and – uncharacteristically for a man – actually asked but could not find any fluid level sensor that could be inserted from the side, like the simplistic bep unit (the one with the white cable going into in on the right hand side). that left two options: from the top through the floor of the van or form the bottom.

my preference would have been through the van floor, to create an access hatch through which the sensor could be installed and in required serviced.

i removed the left hand side stove slide carrier to see if i could reach the tank from there but unfortunately the left hand side wall would have limited the size of the access port and meant i could not have inserted the probe.

same from underneath the sink on the other side of the van. only one option left: go through the bottom of the tank. after some quality time underneath the kk (on my back of course) i used the dremel with a cutting wheel to create an access hole and installed the sensor.

it’s been a bit of a struggle; i did not want to make the port larger than required and also tried to ensure it would be well sheltered from any sort of impact. as it is it sits above the axle and the sway bar and should not get any strikes but i will fabricate a little cover from aluminium today to cover it.

the pico is really elegant. it gives complete flexibility when it comes to determining which sensor is used to represent which entity and how to read it. it’s a pretty amazing piece of kit and i am happy i installed it.

there is not much left i need to do. there are a few things i could still do (relocating the solar controller, rearranging the battery box to give me better access, enlarging the battery space to increase the battery capacity) but i think that will all have to wait.