over the last few months my dad and i have been exploring a few trails, some closer to home, others pretty far away. below is my list of personal favourites.

#trail namelocationwhat i likewhat i don't like
1skyline & lugemt stromlo, actso many berms, so little time!the rocky start and the switch backs.
2flowtownfalls creek, vicberms and roller coaster all the waypinch climbs
3western wedgetail / pork barrel / double dissolutionmt stromlo, acteasy and flowya bit too easy
4hero trailbright, vicmassive berms!!!rocky top section
5flow trailthredbo, nswspeedy & so many berms!!!rocky top section
6all mountainthredbo, nswnice place. nice rolloverssome parts are not so fun and interesting
7dirty southgreen valleys, nswfunshort and slippery when dry
8manly dammanly, nsweasy and funbit of hard work, mostly cross country loop
9dungoghunter valley, nswfun and flowyneed to peddle or push up hill first
10kempseymid north coast, nswi won!!!too much peddling
11ourimbah dh & xc loopourimbah, nswclose to homedh is almost suicidal, xc loop a bit boring

i’ll keep expanding the list as i explore more and more trails.