the last bike adventure before our long trip was all about improving our technique. and at least as far as i am concerned i am disappointed. with myself, that is.

don’t get me wrong: green valleys is a great venue and nick is a fantastic coach. i managed the rhythm sections well enough but on the table tops i failed spectacularly.

i am also ashamed to say i even had a few episodes of dead sailoring – shocking. an antidode must be found.

luckily the photos kris took provided some clues to what is going so terribly wrong. in short, i tend to lean back during take-off which then results in me getting all stiff arms and legs in the air (the so called dead sailor pose) and sometimes wonky when i land. i also tend to move the bike forward during landing – no clue why. this really has to stop.

looks like i am just non all that comfortable in the air. i appear to be ok for short period but i may not be the guy for big air.

did i pack my parachute? ahhhhh.

like so many of the incredibly popular self help experts continue to remind us failure must be embraced so that it can become the seed from which perfection sprouts. if not perfection – and i have recently heard someone claim all we do must be perfect – maybe at least a vaguely interesting ted talk. this could be the start of a new career as a motivational speaker. therefore i have already developed a plan how to address this but it will have to wait …

same for natalie – she will have to wait a few months before taking flight again.

on the other hand she will also likely be spared contact with some of the more abrasive terrain features. well, nothing broken, so we’ll put that one down as part of the fun.

we’ll be back in green valleys for sure – brush up on our technique! so much to do …