when we reached our next destination, port campbell, yesterday we elegantly passed the masses slugging it out for a few remaining parking spots. and i mean ‘slugging’ only barely figuratively.

yesterday was a nice sunny but not too warm day and we capped it off with a stroll through ‘town’. we woke to the sounds of a stiff breeze aspiring to becoming a hurricane and the kind of driving rain you only get at the coast, when the droplets fly horizontally.

anyone in a tent was seeking refuge in something more substantial, even the odd japanese microcar. we were lucky because we parked next to a hedge which provided passable shelter form the wind and because the kk and the bedouin awning are awesome – no other words for it.

while the rain, having successfully driven the less resilient folk (plus those on a tight schedule) away, subsided the wind continued to test the strength of our guy ropes and pegs. after a bit of work in the morning we went for a little drive through the hinterland, somewhat optimistically called the ‘food trail’.

i do admit the latte with real milk – not the white stuff we are usually sold – tastes way better, good thing we also bought some of it. for those interested the food trail passes a german and later a french cheese farm, a strawberry field (pick yourself), a few breweries and a chocolate factory. the people are nice and helpful if a bit overwhelmed by the current onslaught.

which led us back to the 12 apostels. the high winds were driving clouds in and out which made for a great play of light and shade. now dawn or dusk photos yet, probabaly also not tomorrow: more wind and rain are on the menu, sadly.

ps: don’t count the ‘apostels’, there are only 8 left: ‘judas’ collapsed in 2005. over time they will all be gone, however, more will probably be created by the wind & the waves, in the same way as ‘london bridge’ was isolated when the inner arch collapsed in 1990.