Dear readers,

We were in a new and clean bush camp between Augusta and Margaret River. We have been to a big cave called Mammoth cave.

Margret river was full of…  

… art and coffee shops (good ones). We saw things that will make you say ‘mind blown’. We saw Karri trees, Tingle trees and Jarrah trees and I did something that was soooooo rare and soooooo life changing… I patted sting rays.

The story was: we wanted to see Hamelin Bay so we drove to the bay’s carpark and walked down to the beach. Then we saw a small group of people next to the shore and then we saw them… we saw sting rays big and small.

The next day we went back to Hamelin Bay and I told mum to pass me my swimmers (the day before people were trying to touch and feed them so I wanted to be a little water proof) and then we walked to the beach, but there was no-one there. We looked around and then we saw a really big crowd of people. I ran over and found four eagle rays being taken to shore by the waves and being fed by the crowed, and when they were fed some of the kids tried to pat them. I ran over and joined in the fun. After a while the crowed died down and it was just me and the sting rays, I found a big sting ray and tried to called it into the shore by swishing my hand in the water and it worked! She (i don’t really know if it was a boy or girl) was soo beautiful I called her Majesty.

On our last day dad had some men fixed some things in thorny (see dads blog for more) and that took a bit but we had other things we could do. We first went to get one last treat in mums favourite coffee shop and than we went to a coffee …

and chocolate factory. Best place EVER!!! It was so nice there and the chocolate was the best.

I even got to make my own chocolate bar (they had the best hot chocolate ever). After that we went back to check on thorny and stayed there a while because the men were a little stuck on something and dad had to help. Our next stop was Perth.