we’ve been in the dales camp in karijini national park for a few days which is an overall amazing place but sadly for us internet addict doesn’t have mobile coverage. not a huge problem, but it kept us from updating the site. we’re back in tom price now for a night to get our windscreen replaced. we’ll then head back towards the coast for a few more ‘ningaloo’ days.

in case you hadn’t spotted it, there is another karavan lurking in the background. it belongs to our friends rita & brett.

we’re still working through all the photos we have taken during our stay in the park and will post a few stories about the pilbara soon. until then enjoy this ‘little planet’, arguably the best we’ve created so far.

it really sums up karijini, the wide open bushland surrounded by the most stunning and bizarre mountain (using the word loosely) ranges. the most stunning aspect of the pilbara, however, is hidden in this picture: the amazing gorges.

this may not be our best video but have a look anyway – the pilbara is more than just iron mining country.

this has definitely been one of the highlights of our trip so far, and that is saying a lot!

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