i’m beginning to think that somehow our trip through beautiful western australia is cursed. we had hardly crossed the w.a. border when our alternator decided to call it quits. we’d just made it past geraldton when the gearbox figured it was time for someone else to do all the heavy towing. and finally, on the tip of the stunning peron peninsula, when we felt that we had had more than our fair share of bad luck the turtle (that’s really what they call it, it’s a plastic part of the coolant circuit) cracked under pressure.┬áin 7.5 years of snowflake ownership we have not experienced that many issues.

and now this.

i have to admit, this time the disco is faultless. we were peacefully rolling along the tom price – paraburdoo road (that’s really it’s name) when a malicious toyota land cruiser – obviously jealous that it’s not even closely as sexy & smart as the disco 4 – threw a stone at us and scored a lucky hit. we checked but didn’t immediately see the impact and by the time kris spotted it the initial little hole had turned into a crack.

we are insured, so this time it’s not going to come out of our travel budget, but it will take a few days for a new windscreen to arrive. did i mention this happened on a saturday – why do these things not happen on a monday morning?

in the meantime i have used the windscreen repair set we’ve bought to try and prevent the crack from opening up further. let’s hope it works.

and we would really really like to have no further issues on the second part of the lap. please?!