today we started our journey north. we started in busselton, best known for it’s jetty.

construction on the jetty started in 1853 and the jetty was extended multiple times until the 1960ies. it is almost 2km long and the longest wooden jetty in the world! when it reached it’s use-by date – i.e. when the last ship used it for its original purpose in 1971 – the government stopped looking after it and it suffered from insect (borer) attack, fire and also a storm in 1978.

the good people of busselton then decided they wanted to keep this amazing part of their history and today it is maintained by a not-for-profit organisation.

i am sure the government would love to call this another example of a successful public-private partnership, i’d call it another failure of the state recognising that it raison d’etre is to look after the common good and property.

the jetty also houses an underwater observatory where visitors – after a short train ride along the jetty – can view the corals and marine life without getting wet.

after a brief stop in perth to stock up on some items we headed towards jurien bay and caught this truly amazing sunset on the way there. magic.


we sent zippy up to shoot a video of the jetty. the light was not great but you take what you get …