On Monday we said good-bye to Perth but first we had to fix something on thorny so we went to the mechanics to get it fixed, after that we were going to our new stop when dad say a go-karting centre so we turned around and had a look.

It was awesome (I love go-karting it is my heaven!) when we went to Margaret river we did a few things: we went to a cave with spider webs and beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. 

(we could not go to the bottom of the cave because some gaps were too tight and mum has claustrophobia so we did not see deepest part, I am a wuss and can’t go alone and for Oma it might have been a little hard on some steps),

I went horse riding with Stare and we went to the gugelhuphf (a type of German cake) bakery and it was quite interesting. My favorite thing we did was go to a small place with reptiles and i loved it. they had: baby Western blue toungs,



bobtails (hide and seek)

and lots more! At the end I held a beautiful carpet python called Alice.

python hat! high fashion yay! (By dad… LOL😂)

thanks 4 reading this. Nat

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