thank god. we love perth but our visit there was a bit longer than we were prepared for due to a bit of an issue with the car. the gearbox has now been re-manufactured, i.e. the parts that were not designed as well as they could/should have been have been replaced with improved items and all other parts have been checked and if required replaced as well. it should be better than new.

mum will be flying back form exmouth to perth and then on to vienna in about a week which leaves us a bit less time to cover the coast up to exmouth than we would have liked to.

today we drove to horrocks, a bit beyond geraldton, pretty much where we turned back last time. the white sand dunes, vivid green vegetation and brilliant blue ocean is still a stunning combination.

tomorrow we’ll drive to denham. we’ll visit shell beach and the stromatolites on the way and we are already excited to see the dolphins at monkey mia. we are also planning to drive through francois peron national park, hopefully this time without a flat.

unfortunately this means we won’t visit kalbarri this time.

shark bay here we come.