We were in Perth again to fix the car and went go-karting with really good friends of ours : Alex, Viv (my little sis) and their parents. We then went on two really big and long trips and after that we arrived in Denham and we stayed for four days and those were some of the most satisfying days of my big adventure.

We went to Monkey Mia and they have “Dolphin experiences”. The experiences are amazing because they have wild dolphins visiting the beach and the rangers give you info and let chosen ones feed the dolphins. There are three families of dolphins that socialise and always come in different groups. I went to the two of the three experiences and on the first one I had my jaw open AWAP (as wide as possible)…

because they were wild animals in water only about 1 1/2m deep and they were a few centimetres from the people who were talking and just OMG!!! They have time frames for the dolphin experiences: half an hour unless there is a calf, then only fifteen minutes so the calf can drink. After the first experience dad shouted from the jetty and I ran over… A TURTLE OMG, OMG, OMG!!!

I love turtles sooo much and to see my first one in the wild one was just OMG! That was the first experience and I went to see two of them. After half an hour of dolphin talk the the volunteers chose out a few visitors from the crowd to feed the dolphins and i got picked on my second time there! It was sooo cool. I fed Puck. She is a grandmother and is very cute. Mum and dad went to Monkey Mia a few years ago but when she got picked she dropped the fish. As you can see, I did not.

After that we went for a 4WD and I was looking for thorny devils but I failed🙁. When we wanted to go back home, the car gave up and wanted another break. We were supposed to go the next day but had to bring Snowflake to service and I had to do home work so the morning was pretty boring but afterwards we went on to a scenic flight to see some of shark bay and it was beautiful.

Now let me tell you some thing sooo amazing you wont even believe it. I, me, Natalie Zorn flew a plane. Yah, crazy right? Well to prove this I have a photo.

Don’t worry, it was safe because there were two steering wheels and I was in the front seat so all was good. We saw sting rays and turtles.

It was amazing! The next day we went on a Monkey Mia wild life cruise and we saw a few things: we saw dolphins (of course),we saw 4 loggerhead turtles and one dugong.

It was so much fun on the cruise and I enjoyed seeing all those animals soo much. Afterwards we went to see a beautiful sight were sometimes you can see rays, sharks and dolphins. Unfortunately we only saw a few animals but I am very happy all the same. We saw a shovel nose ray, a sting ray, two speedy dolphins…

and a ginormous group of fish from one of the cliffs surrounding the small bay.

The next day we went back to Geraldton to fix Snowflake and…

thanks for reading this. Be sure to see my next post.


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