In the morning we woke at about 6:00am and so we could start packing up our things and go to the truck that should be arriving soon. In the truck it was a bit squished but it was alright (but not for long). After me and mum said it was a bit uncomfortable the driver said he would stop at the first road house (called Billabong) and we could move to the car (if you did not know, it was on the back of the truck). It was pretty cool on the back because there was so much space and it was just more comfortable than sitting on the back of a truck. After we brought Snowflake and Thorny to the mechanics we called a cab and went to our new holiday house to put our stuff down and check it out and then took another cab to Skeeta’s to celebrate mum and dad’s 25th anniversary and say goodbye to Oma (who was going to leave the next day). It was nice there and if you’re ever passing by you should try it.

The day of Oma’s leave was sad because we had so much fun together and we did not get to see even more on our stay. The rest of our time in Geraldton was pretty boring but we saw the author of the book “Are we were yet?”, Alison Lester and had a small chat (that was cool and interesting). A few days later we went to see the new Star Wars movie “Han Solo” (all Star Wars lovers, this is a must see movie). From Geraldton we went to Kalbarri.

In Kalbarri we went on a nice little drive on the coast…

and the next day I got to feed a pelican stinky fish for breakfast. Our next stop was Carnarvon and on the way we went on a beautiful but short walk to a canyon.

While we were trying to find a spot in the car park we saw a little echidna crawl into the bush.

(sooo cute). The view was soo nice (there was a few annoying people but all the same).

Next stop banana mania. In Carnarvon we…

Fun fact: A baby echidna is called a puggle

Thanks for reading this post. Nat