when i suggested yesterday that a little wind might come in handy to help re-arrange the somewhat dated amenities block at the local caravan park i didn’t anticipate such a swift response.

we had 40 kmh winds today. the brownish haze in the background is the sand carried out to sea by the storm. someone in the caravan park mentioned that they got in a sandstorm between exmouth and coral bay and could hardly see 10m.

according to the weather forecast tomorrow will be even worse, with winds up to 50 kmh and up to 70mm of rain.

we immediately huddled up to the most reassuring looking caravan we could find – and came across what looks like thorny’s bigger brother. funny enough they were originally assigned to our old spot (next to the old amenities block, the one i suggested a tornado should have a closer look at) which we vacated when our neighbour mentioned that it sits in a dip and turns into a swimming pool after a bit of rain. when nic and ian found us still packing up they chose site 79 instead and we turned up at our new site, 78, just a bit later. the new site has the added benefit of being close to a much newer and better amenities block – double win!

the new site also allows us to turn the caravan around so the wind & rain will not catch the door side. we’ll be battening down the hatches and keep the bilge pump on standby for tomorrow.

while there was still a bit of sunshine around i changed reversing cameras on the disco. the one i had originally installed had a rather narrow viewing angle and i could not see the hitch as i was lining up the van. i can now see the hitch on the monitor which should make it easier to hook up the van.

whoever designed the packaging clearly didn’t speak english as a first language. actually i doubt they spoke english at all. is it ‘all your base belong to us’ all over again?

or is there a deeper meaning i am missing? should we all be more like underservants, particularly when driving? if we have transcendency in focus, will we achieve art in the highest flight? so many questions.