Before Karijini there were still a few days in Coral Bay left and those were rainy ones. On my way back from my friends’ caravan I heard some noises in a tree and when I looked up I saw an adorable little owl called a Boobook.

I named (him or her) Bookie. The day I met Bookie was a cold and rainy one. I hope he or she is ok at this moment wherever she or he is. Rather than staying inside I got some clothes on that I could go in the water with and played in the rain with some friends. As you know from my last post I met a Kimberley owner who is also a English teacher for people who have English as a second languages and she helped me with my last post. I am very thankful of that and I hope you enjoyed it (if you did, please add a comment to this post and to “my coral bay”). After a few rainy days in Coral Bay we left to Tom Price / Karijini NP. It was still very wet and we almost had to swim. Well sort of.

Unfortunately we could not go into one of the bush camps in the first few days following our arrival because it was too dangerous so we went to the caravan park. Whilst we were there we went with an aboriginal guide to an old camp site and he told us about the mountains and their history. Our guide also showed us some old rock carvings. (tell me what you see).

It was very interesting and I loved hearing what he said. What do you think you can see in the photo below? Please tell me what you think by writing a comment. You might want to look at this upside down.

On our way home we noticed that our windscreen was cracked so dad tried to keep it at bay by using a special type of glue. The next day we finally got to move to a bush camp. There was a gorge nearby so we decided to go for a walk through the gorge. We went and it was beautiful even though there was a naturally dangerous mineral called asbestos.

The asbestos layers were beautiful and sometimes they even looked fluffy. That night we went to an astronomy presentation in the camp. It was really interesting to learn about the night sky looking at the actual night sky instead of a planetarium. I saw “soooooo”  much like: my birth constellation (Sagittarius), the jewel box (the jewel box is a triangle with three coloured stars: one blue, one red and one yellow, surrounded by many other stars), Saturn (which looked like a yellow eye) and lots more. I learnt a lot and of any of you have watched or read ‘The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy’: the presenter said that the real answer to ‘life, the universe and everything’ should be 94 not 42 because that is the number of naturally occurring elements. He also spoke about Star Trek and if any of you have watched that you should know it is a documentary: it is all about what scientist believe might be possible (the spaceships and the planets might not be real but the red matter and so on is probably real)! If you haven’t watched it you should. After Karijini we went back to Tom Price to get the car fixed.

See you soon.


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  1. Drága Natalie! Mindig nagy élvezettel olvassuk a postjaidat, reméljük sokat olvashatunk még. Kérdezted, hogy mit látunk a képeken,. Úgy gondolom, hogy az elsö képen egy nagy kenguru és egy kis emberke ,látható. A második nehezebb, egy macit mondanék ha nem tudnám hogy medve arrafelé még nem járt, ezért ott is egy kengurura gondolok. Eltaláltam?
    További sok élményt kívánunk neked! Sokszor ölelünk, puszilunk Tünde és Laci