adding spotties to any off-road vehicle will instantly add toughness and the off-road equivalent of street cred (trail cred?), that’s an ancient rule. it’s impossible to argue with that. and the guy in the shop said that the ones with red facias also boost performance by at least 26 bhp. i’m not sure where he got that from but how could you not trust this sort of expertise.

in the end, however, there were two main reasons for adding the spotties: the fact that we were going to need them anyway, no matter how much we tried to avoid night drives. it does get dark pretty soon now that it’s winter. and secondly they were actually quite inexpensive.

so here is how they work – although the photos don’t really do them justice, the camera adjusted iso, aperture and exposure. i’ll redo the shots when i get around to it and lock the exposure settings.

new photos with a single exposure setting.

your normal dipped beam – might as well use a candle.

high beam. it does not feel high out there in the bush.

spotties! now that’s better.

we’ll definitely feel a bit safer if we ever have to drive after dark. i still hope we won’t.

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