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Hello again and today you will be reading about my adventures in Exmouth. The first two days we were in RAC camp ground and we didn’t do much except study – yes, dad and I have to do some actual schoolwork – and go to the markets. While we were there we heard that there would be a Sea Shepherd gathering at the Froth (the local bar). I was really exited to hear what it’s like to be aboard a Sea Shepard boat  and to meet actual crew (more coming soon).

After a few days in Exmouth we were lucky enough to be able to book a spot at a bush camp in the Cape Range National Park. It was pouring when we got there but luckily it was dry inside the caravan.

The next few days were very windy but beautiful. The beach had so many treasures there like cowrie shells and other shells. The water, unfortunately, was very mirky the first time I went in and that was upsetting because it was the time I tried my new underwater camera. We still got a few cool pics like this one.

Now let me tell you about my two frothy adventures.The first time I went to Froth I watched three people from Sea Shepard present about what they do, what operations they were involved in and what life on the boat is like. Sea Shepard is a non-for profit organisation that protects all sea animals when needed (almost like the Octonauts but without the cool submarine).

Sea Shepard operates all around the world so anyone can join; all you need is passion and a lot of free time. Sea Shepard makes a lot of effort to plan its operations well and often co-operates with local authorities, but facing illegal fishermen can still be very dangerous. One of the operations the Sea Shepherd guys at Froth were speaking about was Operation Milagro (which means miracle in Spanish) where they try and save the 1.2m, critically endangered vaquita (there are only 30 left in the wild!!!) and the endangered totoaba. The totoaba is endangered because the dried swim bladder from these fish is used as a medicine in China. Unfortunately the vaquita often get caught up in the gillnets fishermen illegally place in the marine sanctuary where they live, as are other animals like sharks, turtles or dolphins.

The good thing is Sea Shepard is trying to change that by going out there and pulling the nets from the water. They then cut loose the animals in there (dead or alive), write down every animal in the nets, throwing the animals back in the water, cut the nets up into very tiny parts and sell them to Adidas who make shoes out of them (a good way to reduce, reuse and recycle). They first used to cut the nets up into pieces and sold them to a different company but they soon found out that they actually sold the nets back to the illegal fishers who then used them again. Sea Shepherd suspect that the illegal fishermen are financed by crime cartels who earn a lot of money selling the total bladders to China.

The second of my adventures is the animals trivia (a quiz) night! It was amazing and all three Sea Shepards were there! I even joined one in their group (because they weren’t all in one). The questions were cool and I loved it. There were four categories: David Attenborough, head shoulders knees and toes, ‘West is Best’ and wild questions. In each category there were ten questions that were quite interesting (these are in random order):

  1. What is the biggest reptile in mass?
  2. What is a group of owls called?
  3. What animal has a 4TB memory?
  4. What species of fish is dory from finding Nemo?
  5. What is a group of bats called?
  6. What bird has the thickest amount of feathers?
  7. What is the biggest feline?

And lots more.

If you want to join in and see how much you know just write in your answers below in the comments box and please don’t cheat because it isn’t fun that way.

I enjoyed the trivia and I wish there was another one coming up. One of my best moments was when we were tied with another team (about the first set of answers) and one of us had to represent the team. I wanted to represent the team because I thought it would be easy but… “what is the legal size of a coral trevally?” I had no idea. The other rep went first bet he got it wrong and than it was my go, but then people in tho crowd started calling ‘4.50!’ So I took that answer and my team won. Cuteness is power. Well, all’s well that ends well am I right? Thanks for reading and please remember this is to be continued in “ my Karratha”.

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  1. this just in. nat’s friend mentioned an operation he was part in in the waters off east timor. a fleet of 15 boats were suspected of illegal fishing and transferring the catch to bigger boats. with the help of sea shepherd the fleet was raided by authorities and evidence of illegal fishing found. the boats were impounded, the crew arrested and the catch … good question.
    just recently the abc reported that the crew was released, the boats returned and the catch surrendered by east timor – for a fee of $100.000. it appears that nobody knows who received it and why, since the responsible minister said the fleet did nothing wrong. strange.

  2. De jó, hogy találkoztál ezekkel a fickókkal, valóban sok érdekeset meséltek, te meg izgalmasan továbbadod nekünk! A kvízben nem tudunk segíteni, azokra a kérdésekre te sokkal jobban tudod a válaszokat ( ha nem is mindegyikre, ezért bizony jól jön, ha valaki segít a hallgatóságból 🙂 Izgatottan várjuk a további beszámolóidat! Köszönjük Tünde és Laci